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  1. Inquiry Form: Fill out our form to get the wheels in motion.

  2. Consultation Call: Once we get your form, we'll set up a free consultation call to talk shop.

  3. Deposit: A $5,000 deposit secures your spot on our build schedule (this goes toward your build total).

  4. Scheduled Drop-off: If you've got an empty van and we've received your deposit, you'll get a drop-off date*, we'll hit you with 3D renderings and a detailed quote.

  5. Rig Drop-off: Once we've got your rig, we'll hash out the details and finalize materials and our contracts before we dive into the build. We'll collect money for all building components and materials here. Usually that's about 50% of the total agreed upon build.​​

  6. The Build Begins: Your adventure rig is now in our hands, and we're about to make it badass. The remaining balance will be collected at stages along the build, but don't worry, we're flexible. Need a custom payment plan? Let's talk during our consults.

  7. Pick-Up Day: Depending on the scope of your build, 2-3 months later, you'll roll out in your new converted rig. Before we turn the van over, we'll need the final balance, less your $5,000 deposit and the half paid at or before drop off, to be collected.

  8. Orientation: We'll walk you through your rig, this takes at minimum 1 hour and can take longer, but we'll provide a private video link detailing all its features and functions as well.

    *We're able to travel for pickup & drop off of your van at an additional fee.






No Coast Van Co.'s "Chevere" Layout:

Starting at $55k, Most builds are available within 2 months of build start date.

Fully Custom Conversions:

Starting at $85k, taking 3-4 months for completion. Your ride, your way.


Customization Levels: Semi vs. Full

Semi Custom: Choose finishes, not the floor plan.

Full Custom: Your dream, your design. We build around you.

Do we provide rigs?

  • No, you bring the rig; we bring the magic.

  • On occasion we have fully converted rigs available for sale.


  • Not at the moment. Cash or cashier's checks only for the time being. We're working on offering financing through 3rd parties.

Other Rigs?

  • Sure, we're flexible, but that flexibility may involve extra costs and time due to demolition and additional materials needed for the conversion.


We've got your back for 2 years on anything we custom build. Who even does that!

What about electrical components, mechanical components, hardware, or appliances? You'll need to check the manufacturer's warranties on those components.

At No Coast Van Co., we recommend requesting a quote though Roamly. Roamly is a newer insurance solution that is focused on the specific and varying needs of nomads and adventurers. Roamly's specialized coverage means your journey and your adventure rig is covered for any unexpected events you might encounter. 

If you'd prefer to go another route, we completely understand. Just make sure your company or agent can underwrite a policy to cover your investment entirely.

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