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About Us

We're volunteer state vagabonds

Tired of the same old van conversion company spiel? So are we. We're not the typical van-conversion company. No Coast Van Co. was birthed from grit, not a late uncle's trust fund. We're not sipping lattes in SoCal designing clickfunnels to separate you from your hard earned money; we're in the thick of middle Tennessee, grinding out rigs for those who crave adventure.

We're Rebels, Artisans, & Nomads

We're not the fortunate ones, as CCR described. We're rebels and adventurers that have lived and learned the real meaning of vanlife, not just those who can afford to pose for it. We're artisans, woodworkers, and folks who built our dreams from the ground up.

Built for Everyone, Everywhere

No Coast Van Co. is here to unleash the untamed spirit of the road for everyone, everywhere. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a full-time nomad, our vans aren't designed to impress your neighbors, but we'll be damned if they don't; they're built to take you to places that will make their jaws drop.

Why No Coast? Because We Forge Our Own Path

We don't follow trends, we craft experiences that other's attempt to recreate. No Coast Van Co. is the rebellion against the bland, the mundane, and the cookie-cutter van build experience. We don't just build adventure rigs; we craft a statement. No glossy brochures, no inflated egos—just badass vans for those who live on their terms.

Join the Rebellion.

crafted in tennessee, bound for everywhere.

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