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A custom built mercedes sprinter camper van built by No Coast Van Co in western Grand Canyon, AZ


Thank you for your interest in conversion services! Please fill out the following information to help us understand your needs and preferences. This will allow us to better assess how we can assist you with your van conversion project.

Type of Vehicle
Do you currently own it?
Build Budget
Ideal Start Date
Conversion Completion Goal






Inquiry Form:
Fill out our form to get the process started.


Inquiry Follow-Up:
Our project coordinator, Harper, will reach out by email to understand more about your dream build.

Be sure to check your Spam folder. We'll follow up 3 times over the course of a week to make sure our emails have been received before stopping communication efforts.

Consultation Call:
Once we've got a better understanding of your build, budget, and timeline, we'll schedule a free consultation call to talk shop.


A $5,000 deposit secures your spot on our build schedule.

This goes directly toward your build total, and is partially refundable.

Scheduled Drop-off:
Once we've received your deposit, you'll get a drop-off or pick-up date. We'll provide 3D renderings for SketchUp Viewer and a detailed quote for review at this step.

We're able to travel for pickup & drop off of your van anywhere in the continental US at an additional negotiated fee. We're working out the details for Mexico & Canada.

Rig Drop-off:
Once we've got your rig, we'll finalize details and materials for your build, sign contracts before we dive into the build, and collect a components and materials fee at this step. Your adventure rig is now in our hands, and we're about to make it awesome.

Usually that's about 50% of the total agreed upon build.​​

Pick-Up Day:
Depending on the scope of your build, 8-20 weeks later, you'll roll out in your new converted rig. Before we can turn the van over to you, we'll need to collect the final remaining balance. 

This will be the remaining 50% of the total agreed, minus your $5000 deposit since you've already paid that.

We'll walk you through your rig and how, this takes at minimum 1 hour and can take longer, but we'll provide a private video link detailing all its features and functions as well.

Our "Chevere" Layout:

  • Starting at $55k

Most builds are completed within 10 weeks of build start date

We consider this a semi-custom build. The layout doesn't change, but you get to choose the finishes, textures, colors, etc.


Fully Custom:

  • Starting at $85k

Most builds are completed within 20 weeks of build start date

This is a completely custom conversion, so we'll design and build everything specific to you.

Partial Builds & Projects:

  • $TBD

Every project is completely unique. Submit an inquiry form detailing as much information as you can about the partial build, or project, and we can determine a price and timeline based on the scope of work.

Do we provide rigs?

  • No, you bring the rig; we bring the magic.

  • On occasion we have fully converted rigs available for sale.


  • Not at the moment, but we're working on offering financing through 3rd parties.

Do you convert other vehicles?

  • Sure, we're flexible, but that flexibility may involve extra costs and time due to demolition and additional materials needed for the conversion.


We have experience with:

  • 5th Wheel Campers

  • Class B Motorhomes

  • Class A Motorhomes

  • Travel Trailers

  • Volkswagen Buses

  • Volkswagen Vanagons

  • Full-size School Buses

  • Mid-size School Buses

  • Short School Buses

  • City / Metro Buses

  • Dodge / Ram Promaster

  • Ford Transit

  • Mercedes Sprinter

Are our builds RVIA Certified?

RVIA certification is granted to manufacturers that produce motorhomes based on standardized models, where every vehicle in the production run has identical layouts, components, and features.

Our custom build process doesn't fit this standardized model and truthfully we're not upset about that. However, we ensure that each rig we design and build exceeds RVIA safety and manufacturing standards.

Since we have experience in RVIA certified campers, we can guarantee the build quality far exceeds what you'll receive from a dealer.

We've got your back for 3 years from your pickup date on anything we custom build.


Electrical components, mechanical components, hardware, or appliances?

  • You'll need to check the manufacturer's specific warranties on those components.

At No Coast Van Co., we recommend requesting a quote though Roamly. Roamly is a newer insurance solution that is focused on the specific and varying needs of nomads and adventurers. Roamly's specialized coverage means your journey and your adventure rig is covered for any unexpected events you might encounter. If you'd prefer to go another route, we completely understand. Just make sure your company or agent can underwrite a policy to cover your investment entirely.

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